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Research Focus

Our research aims to gain an improved understanding of the biological basis of behavior using a multi-disciplinary approach to elucidate the molecular and circuit mechanisms underlying motivated social behavior. The goal of our research is to uncover how neural systems govern social interactions and what alterations occur in disease states to inform the development of novel therapeutics or treatment strategies.



We use genetic mouse models and viral mediated gene transfer to identify important circuits and cell-types involved in motivated behavior. 


Anatomy & Physiology

To identify novel brain regions involved in motivated behavior, we employ whole brain activity mapping. We then use viral tracing and slice physiology to identify the functional properties of the relevant cell-types in these regions.


Neural Circuits

Utilizing optogenetics, chemogenetics, and fiber photometry approaches, we aim to uncover the causal role of genetically and anatomically defined circuits in specific behaviors.



We combine traditional behavioral assays with a machine learning based behavioral classification pipeline to gain a nuanced understanding of our manipulations.

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